i wanted to write something to remind myself of the nomadic nature of life thus far. perhaps its the huge can of local beer ive drunk, accompanied by a huge slice of convenience store pizza^^ let’s just say for the record that i intend to make the rest of my korean experience a memorable one, otherwise there is truly no point to remain here..

the time from finishing high school up until the moment i departed for the united states was for the most part a downward stroll into the dark depths of my depression-tending subconscious. thank god for america. 5 months of snowboarding, drinking and wacky tobacky. yeah, it was the start of something i like to think of as “how the fuck can i go back to australia when there is so much more to experience out there?”

then.. brasil. i don’t even need to talk about brasil. it’s influence on me has definitely waned over the past few years especially after becoming enamoured with the orient but.. it’s brasil and it will always be number 1. rio, the amazon, recife.. just the names conjure up so many memories. if i were to go back now with the apreciation and life skills that i have gained since the last time i left, i don’t think i could ever leave that place, no matter how dangerous or corrupt.

then.. europe. europe just isn’t my kind of place. it’s nice but.. i never really got into that whole, thing.

back in au i couldn’t shake myself of the brasilian vibe. so i went back for a month and became even more addicted.

so, i managed to get myself 2 semesters of exchange. 2008 was a hell of a year. starting in rio, brasil. actually i wanted to go to recife. i don’t know why – nothing can ever compare itself to rio in any way. i look at those 5 months with extreme fondness, they weren’t perfect, but.. despite my lack of social skills and what not i still managed to have  a good time.

and then, the 3 or so months in the middle east. in terms of travel, besides japan perhaps, no trip can compare to the one that i carved through the scorching heat of an arabian summer. starting in turkey, the exotic aura of the east began to impose itself gradually as i delved further into the rugged eastern reaches of the land. it was approximately at kaseri that i inspiration was elevated to a level incomparable to that of any previous voyages. the closer i got to iran, the further i felt from my own reality and the more i felt that i was living in a mystical world of unimaginable landscapes, of people befriended without linguistic means within the blink of an eye and the dusty, hot air of the high altitude plateau. ararat was the point where i couldn’t even tell whether i was still on the earth or had subconsciously moved onto another realm.

onto iran. iran is self explanatory, in my own eyes. i couldn’t even find words befitting of such a land. and if i could, i would be here for several hours more at least. the rest of the trip wound through the gulf, jordan and egypt, each place even more inspiring than the previous. i wish there was a way to convert such accumulated inspiration into my own character, my own personality. a way of constantly reminding myself of the things i’ve seen, done and experienced during this time which could illicit a permanent readjustment of my own psyche. a psyche that appreciates life for what it is, the small things, the human interactions, something that only recognises the positive, that sees the inner being instead of the shell, that doesn’t constantly slide into depression because of something apparently lacking within itself. if i could base my personality on that scene, floating along the nile while gazing up at -that- moon.. i would never experience a moment of forlorness, of anxiety, of self doubt, of negativity for the rest of my life. everything that i feel is lacking in my present existence would present itself through a series of opportunities that i would recognise and instantly grasp – the same opportunities that present themselves, but either i don’t have the presence of mind to recognise them or the courage to grasp them. if only i could convert the immensity of feeling gained from staring down on a god-like scene or the human-human exchange of emotion without even the need for language, into my own personality, paradigm, etc. then i wouldn’t continue to live with the same concerns that have remained with me for as long as i can remember. the concerns that inhibit me from living an existence where i can realise that i am happy, rather than analyze incessantly the apparent reasons that  i am not.

switzerland. i met some awesome, awesome people but my university experience was lacking. there’s really not any desire to go back unless to visit some friends. not to say i don’t have a place in my heart for it just.. well i tend to think of the snowboarding. little else comes to mind.

after that i stopped by asia. my first time in korea, and my rugged aventure across china. actually, i used to hate that place but i would be happy to go back. i don’t know why, perhaps it’s grown on me. one place i’d love to live, hong kong, fantastic.

i came back to sydney. another year, perhaps wasted? surely not entirely. but, off to southeast asia to be reborn. again, i feel words would spoil the aura that is contained in within my vassal for such a region. i don’t think constantly about when i can go back, but i would jump at the chance, should it arise.

canada. lonely but beautiful. i wish that it had worked out but i guess my heart was set on…

korea. wrong answer, but i went there anyway, and it’s there i remain until this day. i’ll be blunt, if i had gone to japan, my life would be so great. seriously, even judging by one week there, i can say that everything that is lacking in my korean life would easily be resolved in japan. but, i live in korea, and it too has it’s charms. not so many but.. well, i like the edgyness. it’s real here. i think it’s still a little too early to write it off but.. we’ll see.