walking home tonight from hongdae i got a feeling comparable to the one i experienced in rio.

discovering new tunes, subconsciously sensing a wave of creativity roll in from an unforeseeable source.

the notion if that i plan to make my seoul experience noteworthy, i have to stand out while blending in.

the hair, has to have flair.

the attire, cannot be dire.

the attitude, well, has to be on the same latitude.

that doesn’t make sense, but at least i tried.

there’s always been a constant flow of energy within my inner being. i don’t think i’m talented enough to express it through any tangible means such as music or art. nor performance. language seems to be my strong suit, but how can i release my creative nuance through a medium that few people will comprehend?

that’s the dilemma. which is why i have to keep thinking. keep dreaming.