yesterday i finished the 3 (2.5) month korean course at the local university. time had gone so insanely fast that the notion of trying to make the best of every moment wasn’t ever able to break into my thought process, i was just so busy doing my own things etc. but now it’s finished, i’m left with a mild emptiness and the irrepressible concern of “where to now?”..

i start masters on the 27th of february next year, which is a little over 3 months away. i would say that i have roughly two months left in korea. i really don’t know what to do with that time. i will likely have to teach english, which i was trying to avoid ㅠㅠ.

now that my course has finished, the well known sensation of starting afresh is beginning to take effect. maintaining interest in korea seems to be in vain as the time approaches to leave and my thoughts (and studies) turn towards to a possible future japanese adventure. it’s so easy to study a language that you are thoroughly interested in both linguistically and culturally.

i wouldn’t say that i’ve spurned any regard for korea or living here. i’ve made many good friends (both local and international) and done some fun stuff. it’s the matter of not really becoming attached in any way to the place, no matter how much my local language ability improves.

i think the issue is, as a foreigner, especially a white one, there are better countries in the region, ie japan, in which to live, as a foreigner. korea just doesn’t endear itself to foreigners, or to the locals either particularly ㅋㅋ

i don’t plan on giving up on the language at all or anything of that nature. in fact i would be inclined to even marry a local. however i think that my focus will naturally turn itself towards japan and although next year there will be plenty of chances to use and improve korean, i see it as becoming another “brasil” in terms of times gone past.

sad that this sejour already seems to be archiving itself. maybe i should try harder? for the sake of the last couple of months, as it’s unlikely i’ll come back to live at any point. visit perhaps. 고민. troubles.